katie marie bruce

  • printmaker | embroiderer | sculptor
  • yql ↔ yyz

interested in: empathy, touch, bodies, labour, studio spaces

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Our unexamined habits.
How we display or pursue empathetic drives.
The impact of labour (be it emotional or physical) on the body.
I am interested in the gestures we collectively perform without understanding their implications. Whether reaching towards a person or object that has caused us to feel something; or in how we walk the same path until our daily tread is visible. Motions performed without entirely conscious intention.

My practice is rooted in printmaking, an act of making mark from altered surface. Much of the time, these aren’t traditional surfaces used for printing: hands, tabletops and walkways have become a recurring interest of mine because of the accidental alteration of such surfaces by the habits of the user, owner or walker. The prints and casts taken of these surfaces then carry a material record of the labour and routines performed either by or on top of the surface. Presenting these in a gallery setting, without the referent, motions towards highlighting the viewer’s own interaction with the world.

Most recently, the pursuit of understanding the body’s interactions with the world has turned internal. Investigating my own somatic experience of anxiety has been a process of relinquishing my mind’s narrative of external stimuli and tuning into what my body feels. The translation between feeling and visualizing has also provoked a clarity when it comes to speaking, and the dialogue of works I am currently pursuing will hopefully begin an alternative platform for discussions surrounding mental health in the arts.


Masters of Fine Arts at York Univeristy

September 2013 – April 2015 Toronto, Canada

Bachelors in Fine Arts, Honours at University of Lethbridge

September 2006 – April 2012 Lethbridge, Canada